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Beneficiary Profile: A young lawyer purchased this 2-room apartment with a 42 sq m area in ​​a block of flats built in 1965, located in a central area, originally intended as a dwelling, given the option of renting it out in the future in hotel regime.

This scenario initially represented a challenge, namely achieving an arrangement that would meet the requirements of the two different functions. The space not being very generous, the solution meant, first of all, the design of customized furniture adapted to the needs of each room. Perimeter disposed, to give the feeling of space, it provides the necessary storage space and allows various activities to be carried out.

Chromatically speaking, the arrangement proposes a neutral frame, made up of the shades of the walls and the custom furniture (gray, white, natural wood) on which color accents make their presence felt, inducing a holiday feeling (blue, turquoise, yellow). The walls painted in light gray highlight the white furniture, creating an open and elegant atmosphere.

The hall is the access area to all the rooms. There are two storage nooks: a coat hanger with a designated shoe depositing box and a generously deep closet for the storage of various household items. Mirroring of the units was chosen to give the illusion of more space.

The bathroom was extended by dismantling an existing closet in the initial configuration of the apartment in order to make room for the storage facilities and washing-machine. The contrast between natural stone finishes (marble and slate) gives dynamics to the space, and the yellow and turquoise accents are welcome in the monochrome atmosphere of the room.

The turquoise of the furniture and the "patchwork" hexagonal wall tiles give the kitchen a retro air, whereas the strip of paint with a writing board finish is a contrasting element. The narrow space required the wall mounting of a folding table from Ikea, the main dining area being arranged in the living room.

The bedroom furniture is simple, white, and compliments the idea of ​​a bright atmosphere. This aspect is supported throughout by the mirror-coated sliding doors of the wardrobe, which gives the illusion of double the actual space. The center of attention is the floral pattern wallpaper, followed by the asymmetry accomplished by choosing different furniture items as bedside tables.

The living room is divided into a relaxation area and a dining corner. The customized furniture is the one that binds and at the same time delimits these spaces. The radiator mask acts as an extended windowsill, and on the opposite wall of the sofa we designed an open set of furniture, consisting of single or double chipboard, outlining a bookcase and seats for dining.

The wall path of the dining area lamp cable and the perforated tin panel above the couch are bold decorative elements that encourage you to daydream.

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